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Arcade Games Hire -
Arm Wrestling

Hire a Arcade - Arm Wrestling Arcade Machine
for any Business Event, Corporate Event, Private Party or Entertainment Function.
Let Employees Test there Stength!
Loads of Fun! Adults Arcade Hire and Kids Arcade Hire.
Test to see who is the Strongest within your Friends, Family or Employees.
Choose from a Selection of different Stregth Levels or gradually work your way up.
Hiring for Corprate Functions, Business Events and Private Functions

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Arcade Games Hire -
Dance Dance Revolution


Hire a Arcade - Dance Dance Revolution - Arcade 
machine hire. Dance Dance Revolution is highly addictive and will guarantee to get everyone dancing, adult and children alike.
This game is also fantastic fun for the spectators to watch, as they watch the players bust out their best dance moves!
Ideal for Corporate Events, Parties, Product Launches, Promotions, Birthdays, Stag and Hen Parties, Pubs and Clubs or even your own house party.

How it Works:

Dance Dance Revolution is a
Multiple player.
In dance dance revolution players
stand on a "dance platform"
or stage and hit colored arrows
laid out in a cross with their feet to musical and visual cues.
Dance dance revolution players are judged by how well they time their dance to the patterns presented to them and are allowed to choose more music to play to if they receive a passing score.
Dance dance revolution you can prove you got the moves to get on the dance floor with the best of them.

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Arcade Games Hire -
Total Vice

Hire a Arcade - Shooting Game -
Total Vice based on the movie Itself.
Multiple Player arcade game.
Adults Arcade Hire and Kids Arcade Hire.

Great for all functions and Events.
Shoot the enemies and make sure your always reload by pointing the gun down.
Action at its best and Hours of Fun!
Hiring for Corprate Functions, Business Events and Private Functions

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Arcade Games Hire

Hire a Arcade - Arcade Hire Choose from a Selection of Different Arcade Games.
With a selection of 450 Popular Arcade Games to Choose from.
Adults and Kids Hire
Hours of Fun and Excitment. Arcade Game has a 1 or 2 player option for all games.
Hiring for Corprate Functions, Business Events and Private Functions

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Pinball Machine Hire

Hire a Pinball Machine.
Traditional Pinball Machine for Hire.
Top Quility Pinball Rental at its best with Hours of fun. 
Work Functions and Private Functions
your Pinball Machine is gauranteed to get a lot of attention.

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Arcade Games Hire -

Hire a Arcade - Percussion Arcade Machine Hire.
This musical simulator is brilliant for tournaments at your Corprate Events, Business Functions and Personal Parties.
Who can hit the most correct notes in each of the categories. You can be rest assured they will be drumming their way onto the leader board again and again.

How it Works:

Percussion is a drumbeat Musical arcade game requiring a great level of rhythm and timing.
Each player has three drums, one big, and two small that need to be hit in the correct order, bang on time, as symbols fly down the screen.

Depending on your level of skill and confidence when you rent arcade machines like this – you can choose from Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert mode. In order to pass the level, you hit enough correct notes to raise your status bar past the line shown. If successful, you’ll move on to the next song – if you fail its game over.

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Arcade Games Hire -
Wacky Gator

Hire a Arcade - Wacky Gator Arcade.
Loads of Fun and Excitement for Adults and Kids. Rent your very own Wacky Gator.

How it Works:

A popular redemption Arcade game that is still in wide circulation today.
5 alligators heads pop out of there holes at random intervals and the players job is to whack them on the head with a soft Hammer before they escape back into there holes.

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Arcade Games Hire -
Mouse Attack

Hire a Arcade - Mouse Attack Arcade Machine.
Kids Arcade Hire for all ages.

How it Works:

Objective is to hit the mice by
pushing the button before the mice sneak past you.
Dont let the mice sneak part you!

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Arcade Games Hire -
Bozos Grand Price

Hire a Arcade - Bozos Grand Prize Arcade Machine.

This fantastic children's ball toss game can be played as a 1 or 2 player game and challenges the player to score by tossing small balls into a line of buckets.

There are two ways of setting of the gameplay. The first is to challenge the player to toss a ball in each bucket consecutively starting with the bucket closest to them and finishing with the furthest bucket. If they get all 6 in row they win the Grand Prize.

The second method of operation is to challenge the player to get as many balls in the buckets as possible in the period of time they are allotted. The Person with the Highest Score Wins.

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Arcade Games Hire -
Hot Po Po

Hire a Arcade - Hot Po Po Arcade
Redemtion Game hire. For Kids and Kiddies who play for Score to see how many balls they can get into the hole before the door closes.
Great fun Games for the Kids.

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Arcade Games Hire -
Arcade Grabber Machine

Promotional Events. Hire our Grabber Machine for Promotions, competitions and Prize Givings.
With a Selection of different Items that can be won. Hire our Grabber Machine Today.

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Sumo Suits Hire

Hire a Sumo Suite. Experience the life of a sumo wrestler for a day.
Our Sumo Suits are built with safety and comfort in mind. They're easy to get in and out of which means more wrestling rounds for all involved.

It's not all about strength with sumo suits either. Their design helps those that haven't been training for the moment their whole lives making each bout fairer for all participants.


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