Party Hire







Jacuzzi Hire

6 Seater Jacuzzi
Hire a Jacuzzi - Relax and take some time out with friends and Family or at a Work Function.

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Pool Table Hire

Hire a Pool Table - Pool table will include the following:
2x Pool Cues 1x Box of Balls
(16 Balls Total) 1x Chalk
Arrange an Entertaining game of pool with Friends,
Family or work colleagues
at your Personal Event or Work Function.
Our Pool Tables are coin and Non Coin operated.
We Offer Long Term and Short Term Hiring on our Pool Tables.

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Foosball Hire

Hire a Foosball Table - Arrange an Entertaining game of Foosball with friends, Family or work colleagues at your Personal Event or  Work Function. Can be played with 2 or 4 players.

We Offer Long Term and Short Term Hiring on our Foosball Tables.

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Table Tennis Hire

Hire a Tennis Table - Tennis Table will include the following:

2x Table Tennis Bats 2x Table Tennis Balls 1x Table Tennis Net Arrange an Entertaining game of Table Tennis with Friends, Family or work colleagues at your Personal Event or Work Function.

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Air Hockey Hire

Hire a Air Hockey Table - Your Air Hockey Hire is for the Man Cave or Kiddies Party includes hours of fun and Entertainment. Your Air Hockey table will include 2x Air Hockey Pushers, Air Hockey Pucks, and a Digital scoring device to keep store of Air hockey game. Hire your Air Hockey Table Today.

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Arcade Game Hire

Hire a Arcade Game - A Selection of Arcades Arcade Games Hiring. Arcade Machines Hire - Have a 1 or 2 player options with your Arcade Hire.
Hours of Fun and Excitment.
We have a wide Selection of Arcade Games to Choose from. We have some of the following Arcade Games for hire to choose from 450 Games in 1 Arcade hire, Percussion - Arcade Machine hire where you play Drums to the beat, Arm Wrestling Arcade Game, Shooting Game Machine, Dance Dance Revolution Arcade, Wackey Gator Arcade Game Rental which can be used for hiring at your Corprate Functions, Business Events and Private Functions. 

Additional Arcade Machines Hire and Arcades Games Hire

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Pinball Machine Hire

Hire a Pinball Machine.
Traditional Pinball Machine for Hire. A Pinball Machine that is made by only the best which by Willaims which are the Best Pinball Machines that came out.
Top Quility Pinball Rental at its best with Hours of fun. Hire your Pinball Game Today. 
Hire a Pinball Machine for your Work Functions and Private Functions
your Pinball Machine Hire is gauranteed to get a lot of attention.

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Poker Table Hire

Hire a Poker Table for the night.
Have a Poker Night with Family and Friends and enjoy a great Poker Game! 

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Jukebox Hire

Hire a Jukebox - for your next event. Your Jukebox Hire will come with a selection of Tracks to choose from.
Your Jukebox is touch screen based Jukebox which makes it easy to add music to your very own selected playlist.
Your Jukebox will also include onboard USB and Bluetooth with an Aux in which makes any Device Connectable to your Jukebox.
So Rent a jukebox for your next Hire and bring your very own party to life.

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Karaoke Hire

Hire a Karaoke Machine and sing the night alight - for your Next Event or Function coming up. Your Karaoke Hire will consist of a Sound system with 2 Monitors front and Back,  2 Wireless Mic's and a selection of Karaoke Songs and music to select from with all required Wording for each Song. Hire your very own Karaoke Machine Today!

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Sound Hire, Lighting Hire, Fog Machine Hire, Foam Machine Hire, Bubble Machine Hire, Dance Floor Hire, Mirror Ball Hire

With a Selection of Disco Party Hire we have a Selection of Dance Party Equipment for Hire which will spice up your next Party which includes the following - Sound Hire, Lighting Hire, Mic Hire, Hire a Fog Machine Hire, Hire a Foam Machine, Hire a Bubble Machine.
Visit our Link below for more Rental Options -

Disco Equipment Hire

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Mobile Bar Hire

     Hire a Mobile Bar - A Mobile Bar Hire - Mobile Bar Hiring at its best. Have your very own Mobile Bar Party for your Event, Personal Party, Bachlors Party or Work Functions.  Your Mobile Bar Rental will include its very own Sound, Bar Fridge and Ice machine. (optional) - Keg Dispensors on request. Enquire about our Mobile Bar Hire today.

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Beer Draught Dispenser Hire - Beer Tap Hire

Hire a Beer Dispenser with Beer Taps and Regulator (complete Setup). Your Draught Beer Machine Hire will have 2 Tap connections where you can connect 2 types of Beer Draughts or Ciders. Our Beer Dispensers are Made from Stainless Steel. Our Beer Taps for Hire can be Fully Operational to our Mobile Bars which we have making it a complete Beer and Cider Bar Hire.
For all Beer Lovers and Beer Events
coming up we can assist for your Next Rental coming up!

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Dartboard Hire

Hire a Dartboard - Your Dartboard Hire Will Include
the following:
6 Darts and Dartboard Cabinet
with Dartboard Scoreboard) Your Dartboard Rental and Hire
(Comes with a Dartboard Stand)
Enquire about our Dartboard Hire Today!

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Slush Puppy Hire

50 x Cups, 50 x Straws and 2 x 5L Slush puppy Syrup. Flavours you can shoose from: Strawberry, Bubble-gum, Cream Soda, Black Currant, Grape, Orange, Blueberry, Cherry.

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Cappuccino Machine Hire

Coffee Machine Hire

Hire a Coffee Machine Today.
Rent out your very Own
Top Quality Self Automated Coffee Machine for your upcoming Event.

Your Coffee Machine will make all of the Following with a touch of a button:

Black Coffee/ Strong Coffee Black,
White Coffee/ Strong Coffee White, Cappuccino,
Hot Chocolate,

Additional Settings to add Required Sugars and Extra Milk

Includes a 1KG Bag of Top Quality Coffee Beans Which will make up to 160 Cups of your Choice.

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Pizza Oven Hire
Includes: 1x Bag of Wood 1x Firelighter, 1x Pizza Scoop and 1x Stainless Steel Table with Wheels

Pizza Oven Instructions

  1. Place 1 Bag of wood into Pizza Oven and start fire with Firelighter
  2. Once wood is red hot (roughly after 20min) Smear wood around edges of the oven.
  3. Now you can Insert your Pizzas into the Oven with the Scoop
  4. You can Prepare 3 Medium Size Pizzas all at one time in Oven
  5. Pizzas should take roughly 10min to 15min before ready

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Patio Set Hire

Hire a Patio Set - Patio Set Hire - A Modern Style Outside Furniture Set (Complete Setup) Your Outside Furniture Set will Include the Following - includes 1x 3 Seater, 1x 2 Seater, 1x 1 Seater  and Middle table. Hire your very own Patio Set Today.

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Tables and Chairs Hire

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Gazibo Hire

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