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Kids Party Hire

Experience the magic of childhood nostalgia with our exceptional Kids Party Hire services. We provide a diverse range of amenities, from Jumping Castle and Carnival Games to Kiddies Car and Trampoline hire. Indulge in the delights of our Soft Serve, Donut Machine, and Milkshake Mixer hires, or opt for a savory treat with our 6 liter Chip Fryer. Let us transform your event into an unforgettable celebration, ensuring your child’s party is the talk of the town.

Jumping Castle HireJumping-Castle-Hire

Within the realm of Kids Party Hire, the option to hire a Jumping Castle has consistently proven to be a popular choice. As a centerpiece for children’s parties, these inflatable playgrounds not only provide great entertainment but also foster physical activity and social interaction among kids. Jumping castles come in different sizes, designs, and themes, catering to various age groups and party themes, therefore offering a wide range of options for customers. The safety measures, such as netted walls and air-filled floors, ensure that children can enjoy their time with minimal risk. The convenience of setup and takedown by the hiring company also adds to their appeal. Therefore, the Jumping Castle, with its fun and safety features, remains a top choice in kids party hire.

Arcade Game Hire – Carnival Games Hire – Garden Games HireArcade-Game-Hire-Carnival-Games-Hire-Garden-Games-Hire

Transitioning from inflatable fun, another significant aspect of kids party hire is the ever-popular arcade, carnival, and garden games, offering over 450 different options for endless excitement and entertainment. Arcade options range from traditional 1 or 2 player machines, to specific games like “Percussion” where kids can play drums to the beat. Carnival games like “Wacky Gator” challenge the kids to hit popping crocodiles, while “Bozo Grand Prize” rewards throwing balls into buckets. These games not only provide hours of fun but also help in developing children’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination. An ideal option for both kids’ parties and private events, these games are a sure-fire way to keep the party lively and guests engaged.

Bounce King TrampolineBounce-King-Trampoline

Following the thrill of arcade and carnival games, another engaging feature in the realm of kids party hire is the Bounce King Trampoline. Offering a 12-feet trampoline for hire, it’s a fantastic way to add fun and excitement to any children’s event. The Bounce King Trampoline is not only a source of great enjoyment but also ensures safety. It comes with netting around the whole structure, providing an extra layer of protection to prevent any accidental falls. This feature also allows children to bounce freely without worry, enhancing their overall experience. Ideal for kids parties, the Bounce King Trampoline promotes physical activity, coordination, and balance, making it not just an entertainment source, but also an engaging way to promote fitness among children.

Kiddies Car HireKiddies-Car-Hire

While the Bounce King Trampoline offers high-flying fun, the Kiddies Car Hire introduces a different, yet equally exciting, element to children’s parties with its miniature, parent-controlled vehicles. These cars are not only stunningly realistic, but they also come with a steering wheel, accelerator, and onboard sound for an immersive driving experience. However, what sets Kiddies Car Hire apart is the remote control feature. Parents can take over the driving, ensuring children’s safety while also allowing them to feel the thrill of being behind the wheel. The combination of fun and safety makes Kiddies Car Hire a perfect addition to any children’s party. It provides an interactive experience that goes beyond traditional party activities, creating unforgettable memories for the little ones.

Kiddies 4×4 Hire

In the realm of children’s party entertainment, Kiddies 4×4 Hire presents a unique thrill, providing miniaturized, fully operational four-wheel drive vehicles for the adventurous young guests. This service offers an exciting and safe environment for children to engage with the fun of off-road driving in a controlled setting. Kiddies 4×4 Hire ensures each vehicle is equipped with safety features, including seat belts and speed limiters. The service includes professional supervision, ensuring the children’s safety while they enjoy an exhilarating driving experience. This innovative concept not only entertains but also educates children about basic driving skills and road safety. Kiddies 4×4 Hire is thus an excellent choice for parents seeking a unique, exciting and safe entertainment option for their child’s party.

Portable Basketball HoopPortable-Basketball-Hoop

Shifting gears from the thrilling off-road adventure of Kiddies 4×4 Hire, another engaging option for children’s party entertainment is the rental of a Portable Basketball Hoop. This sports-themed amusement provides an exciting, active experience, incorporating both exercise and group participation. The rental includes a complete setup with the basketball hoop, backboard, and pole. For larger events or more competitive play, customers have the option of hiring either one or two hoops. This adaptable offer can cater to a range of party sizes and preferences. The portable feature of these hoops ensures easy installation and removal, providing a hassle-free experience for the hosts. As a fun, inclusive activity, the Portable Basketball Hoop is an excellent choice for any children’s party.

Kids Basketball Hoops HireKids-Basketball-Hoops-Hire

Frequently opting for Kids Basketball Hoops Hire provides an engaging and active party solution that seamlessly extends the fun commenced with the Portable Basketball Hoop. This service includes two basketball hoops, four mini basketballs, and a digital scoreboard, ensuring that the kids have all they need to have an exciting, competitive game. The presence of a backboard and netting not only enhances the authenticity of the game but also promotes safety during play. As a result, it is ideal for various kids’ functions and parties. By hiring your own basketball set, you foster an environment that encourages physical activity, healthy competition, and teamwork among the kids. It’s a fun, stress-free way to keep the children entertained throughout any event. Hire your own basketball set today and elevate your kids’ party to a whole new level of enjoyment.

Soccer Goal Posts Hire – Goal Posts HireSoccer-Goal-Posts-Hire-Goal-Posts-Hire

Building on the spirit of active play and team-oriented fun, hiring Kiddies Soccer Goal Posts presents another exhilarating option for children’s parties. With this hire, you can transform your backyard or party venue into a mini soccer field, promoting not just physical activity but also teamwork and sportsmanship. The package comes with a single Kiddies Goal Post or two, depending on your preference and the number of kids attending. To complete the soccer experience, a soccer ball is included with the Goal Posts. This means no extra hassle of sourcing one separately. The Soccer Goal Posts Hire delivers a unique, engaging activity that will surely keep the little ones entertained and active throughout the event. With this, you are not just throwing a party, but also fostering a love for sports among children.

Bean Bags HireBean-Bags-Hire

In the realm of comfort and relaxation during children’s parties, the Bean Bags Hire offers a versatile and cozy seating solution that seamlessly complements active play activities such as the aforementioned Soccer Goal Posts Hire. Bean bag chairs are not just comfy, they are also incredibly fun, adding a casual and playful vibe to the event. Each bean bag is designed with child safety in mind, ensuring a worry-free experience for parents. Additionally, these bean bags come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs, capable of matching any party theme. Bean Bags Hire is the perfect partner for any kids’ party, ensuring both fun and relaxation are catered for. With Bean Bags Hire, you add an extra layer of comfort to your kid’s party, contributing to an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Popcorn Machine HirePopcorn-Machine-Hire

For your child’s party, our Popcorn Machine Hire offers a fun, delicious, and unforgettable experience. Our offering is not an ordinary home appliance, but the genuine industrial type popcorn machine that guarantees the same quality and taste of popcorn that you enjoy at movie theatres or carnivals.

With each popcorn machine hire, we include two 500g packets of popcorn, 200ml of oil, and a selection of five popcorn spices. These inclusions ensure you have everything you need to create perfect, mouth-watering popcorn without having to worry about additional purchases. The variety of spices allows for customization to match individual tastes, adding an extra element of fun. The Popcorn Machine Hire is a stand-out entertainment feature that can truly elevate your child’s party experience.

Candy Floss HireCandy-Floss-Hire

Just as the popcorn machine adds a touch of cinematic charm to your child’s party, another exciting hire we offer is the industrial-grade Candy Floss Machine, which promises to create a delightful carnival atmosphere. The unit is the genuine industrial type, ensuring reliability and high output, perfect for large parties. Along with the machine, the hire includes a variety of sugar flavours for you to choose from, transforming the machine’s operation into an interactive experience for your child and their friends. The nostalgia of the candy floss machine will not only bring joy to the young ones but also spark a touch of sentimentality among adults. So, elevate your children’s party experience today by renting your own candy floss machine.

Waffle Stick HireWaffle-Stick-Hire

Continuing the trend of interactive food experiences at your child’s party, our Waffle Stick Machine Hire offers a unique and delightful addition to the festivities. This service provides an industrial-grade Waffle Stick Machine, ensuring high-quality, delicious treats that children and adults alike will enjoy. The hire includes sticks needed for the waffles, taking the pressure off you as the host. The Waffle Stick Machine is easy to use and safe, adding an element of fun as partygoers can watch their waffles being made on a stick. This option is not just a food source, but also a form of entertainment that adds to the overall party experience. Make your child’s party unforgettable. Rent your own Waffle Stick Machine today and let the waffle party begin!

Chocolate Fountain HireChocolate-Fountain-Hire

Building on the interactive food experience theme, hiring a Chocolate Fountain offers another exciting edible entertainment for your child’s party. This industrial-grade machine is not just a food item; it’s a centerpiece, an attraction that adds a touch of elegance and fun. As the molten chocolate cascades down, it creates an enchanting spectacle that kids simply can’t resist. It’s perfect for dipping fruits, marshmallows, or waffle sticks, allowing children to create their own delicious treats. Moreover, a chocolate fountain is versatile and can fit into various party themes. Whether it’s a birthday party or a kiddie wedding, the chocolate fountain is a delightful addition that will undoubtedly make the celebration more memorable. So consider hiring one for your next children’s party.

Slush Puppy HireSlush-Puppy-Hire

Transitioning to the refreshing realm of beverages, the hire of a Slush Puppy Machine presents an exciting and cool addition to children’s parties. The industrial-grade machine is easy to operate and comes fully equipped with 50 cups, 50 straws, and 2 x 5L Slush Puppy Syrup. With an array of flavours to choose from including strawberry, bubble-gum, cream soda, black currant, grape, orange, blueberry, and cherry, there is a taste to satisfy every child’s preference. The Slush Puppy Machine is not just a beverage provider, but also an element of fun and excitement. The sight of vibrant, icy slush being served in colourful cups can be a highlight for the little ones. Ensure your party is a hit by hiring a Slush Puppy Machine today.

Soft Serve HireSoft-Serve-Hire

In the realm of delightful dessert options, the hire of a Soft Serve Machine provides a creamy and indulgent treat for children’s parties. This service includes a Soft Serve Machine, a 5 L ice cream mix, and 50 cones with a choice of syrup. A larger package is also available, doubling the ice cream mix to 10 L and cones to 100, with two different syrups for added variety. The charm of Soft Serve lies in its smooth, velvety texture and the joy of self-service, allowing children to dispense their own ice cream and choose their preferred syrup. This interactive dessert option not only satisfies sweet cravings but also adds an element of fun, making the Soft Serve Machine a popular choice for kids party hire.

Donut Machine HireDonut-Machine-Hire

Regularly following the sweet success of the Soft Serve Machine, the hire of a Donut Machine offers another delectable and interactive dessert option for children’s parties. It assures a fun-filled experience for kids, who get to witness the creation of their favorite treat right before their eyes. In addition to children’s parties, the Donut Machine can also be a hit at fete markets and food stalls, adding a touch of novelty and excitement. A Donut Machine hire is not just about providing a sweet treat, but also about creating a memorable experience. The machine is user-friendly and safe, giving kids a chance to engage in the process under supervision. Hiring a Donut Machine simplifies the hosting process, making it a popular choice for many events.

Milkshake Mixer HireMilkshake-Mixer-Hire

Building on the idea of interactive dessert options, a Milkshake Mixer hire presents a delightful twist to children’s parties, offering not only a refreshing beverage but also an inclusive and entertaining activity. This service often includes a variety of flavors, catering to the diverse taste preferences of the young attendees. The children can watch the process of their milkshake being made, adding a layer of excitement and engagement. Furthermore, it can be an educational opportunity, as kids learn about the ingredients and steps involved in making a milkshake. Offering convenience for the hosts and fun for the guests, a Milkshake Mixer hire can transform a regular party into a memorable event, contributing greatly to the overall success of your children’s party.

Chip Fryer Hire – 6 LiterChip-Fryer-Hire-6-Liter

While a Milkshake Mixer can add a delightful twist to the party, opting for a 6 Liter Chip Fryer hire introduces a savory element that is sure to be a hit among the young attendees. This appliance can be used to cook a variety of popular party foods such as fries, chicken nuggets, and fish sticks. A 6 Liter Chip Fryer is sizable enough to cater for a large group of kids, ensuring no one misses out on the tasty treats. As a bonus, the fryer’s thermostat control allows for precise temperature setting, ensuring the food is cooked to perfection. Safety is also a key feature with the fryer’s cool-touch handles and non-slip feet. The Chip Fryer hire is a practical and appealing choice for any kids’ party.

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