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Party Hire Options

As social dynamics evolve, so do party trends. One rising trend is hiring party equipment for unique and personalized experiences. From Jacuzzis and pool tables to Foosball and Air Hockey games, even gourmet options like pizza ovens and cappuccino machines.

Jacuzzi HireJacuzzi-Hire

One viable option for your party hire needs is the 6-seater Jacuzzi, providing an opportunity for relaxation and socialization in both personal and professional settings. This Jacuzzi is designed to accommodate up to six individuals comfortably, making it an ideal choice for small gatherings and intimate celebrations. The soothing warm water and the relaxing bubbles create a calming environment that promotes open conversation and deep connection. Whether you’re hosting a family get-together, a friend’s reunion or a corporate team-building event, a 6-seater Jacuzzi can add a unique and enjoyable dimension to your event. It’s not just about the fun; it’s also about providing a space for people to unwind, connect, and create memorable experiences. Hiring a Jacuzzi is a novel, enjoyable, and therapeutic party solution.

Pool Table HirePool-Table-Hire

Continuing from the Jacuzzi’s soothing ambiance, your event’s entertainment quotient can significantly increase with the addition of a pool table hire. This option offers an engaging pastime for your guests, whether they are friends, family, or work colleagues. The pool table hire package includes 2 pool cues, a box of balls (16 in total), and chalk for the cues. It’s a great means to spark friendly competition and keep guests entertained throughout the event. Our pool tables are both coin and non-coin operated, catering to your preference. We offer both short-term and long-term hiring options, making this an adaptable choice for any event, be it a personal gathering or a work function. Choose a pool table hire for a well-rounded entertainment experience.

Foosball HireFoosball-Hire

Further elevating the amusement factor at your event, the addition of a foosball table hire offers a lively and competitive game for 2 or 4 players, providing an ideal choice for both personal and work-related gatherings. The excitement of a foosball match can break the ice, encourage interaction, and create a spirited atmosphere. Our service offers both short and long-term hiring of foosball tables, allowing you to tailor the arrangement to your specific event duration. Whether you wish to entertain family, friends, or work colleagues, a foosball table can successfully inject a fun element into your event. With its easy playability and universal appeal, a foosball table hire can undoubtedly enhance the overall enjoyment and memorable experience of your event.

Table Tennis HireTable-Tennis-Hire

In the realm of party entertainment, the option to hire a table tennis set presents an engaging activity that appeals to both casual players and sports enthusiasts alike. The set typically includes two table tennis bats, two balls, and a net, providing everything needed for an exciting, competitive match. Whether you’re organizing a personal event or a corporate function, table tennis hire can add an element of fun and camaraderie. It not only encourages friendly competition but also promotes physical activity, making it a healthy choice of entertainment. With table tennis hire, you can arrange an entertaining game that can be enjoyed by friends, family, or work colleagues, ensuring your event is both memorable and enjoyable.

Air Hockey Hire


For a dynamic and engaging entertainment option, hiring an Air Hockey table offers a distinctive blend of friendly competition and fast-paced action for any party or event. Whether you’re planning a man cave gathering or a children’s party, an Air Hockey table guarantees hours of fun and entertainment. The package typically includes essential components such as two Air Hockey pushers and pucks, ensuring a stress-free setup and an enjoyable experience for all. Moreover, the inclusion of a digital scoring device not only adds an exciting competitive edge to your games, but also eliminates the need to manually keep score. There’s no doubt that an Air Hockey table hire can significantly enhance your party atmosphere, making it a unique and memorable event for your guests. Consider booking your Air Hockey table today.

Arcade Game HireArcade-Game-Hire

If you’re looking to add a touch of nostalgia and fun to your event, hiring arcade games can be an excellent option. With a wide selection of games available for hire, you can create hours of excitement for your guests. Whether it’s a corporate function, business event, or private party, arcade game hire can elevate the experience. The options range from multi-game arcades, offering up to 450 games in a single machine, to specialized games like Percussion Arcade Machine, Dance Dance Revolution, or Shooting Game Machine. For a more physical and engaging experience, consider the Arm Wrestling Arcade Game or the Wacky Gator Arcade Game. With one or two-player options available, arcade game hire can add a competitive edge to your event.

Pinball Machine HirePinball-Machine-Hire

Continuing from arcade games, you might also consider the classic charm of a pinball machine to add excitement and a competitive edge to your event. These machines, crafted by industry leader Williams, are known for their superior quality and reliability. With hours of entertainment potential, pinball machine hire is a surefire way to create a memorable event. Whether it’s for work functions or private parties, these machines are guaranteed to attract attention and spark friendly competition among guests. Don’t miss the opportunity to add a touch of nostalgia and fun to your party with a top-tier pinball machine. Book your Pinball game today and ensure your event stands out from the rest.

Poker Table HirePoker-Table-Hire

Elevate your next gathering with the thrill of a poker night by opting for our top-quality poker table hire. Engage your guests in a friendly competition that creates a memorable atmosphere and fosters camaraderie. Our premium poker tables are designed to accommodate both beginners and seasoned players, ensuring everyone can partake in the fun.

The tables are equipped with all the necessary features to provide the authentic casino-like experience. They are spacious, comfortable, and have built-in drink holders, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay. We also provide delivery, setup, and pack-up services, allowing you to focus solely on your event. A poker table hire brings a unique twist to your gathering, making it an unforgettable experience for your guests. Choose our poker table hire for your next party and create an exciting, engaging, and competitive environment.

Jukebox HireJukebox-Hire

Why not consider our Jukebox Hire for your next event, offering a touch-screen based system with a broad selection of tracks to cater to all musical tastes? This dynamic feature allows you to easily curate your own playlist, transforming your party into an interactive musical experience. The jukebox is also equipped with onboard USB and Bluetooth capabilities, along with an Aux input, allowing for seamless connectivity with any device. This means you can easily play your preferred tracks, making your event truly personalized. Hiring a jukebox will not only bring your party to life, but also provide a unique entertainment solution that appeals to all attendees. Choose our Jukebox Hire to enhance your next event with a fun, musical twist.

Karaoke HireKaraoke-Hire

Diversifying your event with our Karaoke Hire, guests can indulge in an exciting, interactive experience, showcasing their vocal talents through our state-of-the-art sound system and vast song selection. Our package includes two monitors strategically positioned for easy viewing, two wireless microphones for freedom of movement, and a comprehensive list of karaoke songs with their respective lyrics. This offers an all-encompassing solution for your next event or function, providing not only entertainment but also an engaging platform for guests to express themselves. With the Karaoke Hire, you are not just renting equipment; you are creating a lively and memorable atmosphere. So why wait? Light up your night and let the music play. Hire your very own Karaoke Machine today!

Sound Hire, Lighting Hire, Fog Machine Hire, Foam Machine Hire, Bubble Machine Hire, Dance Floor Hire, Mirror Ball Hire

How can you further enhance your event after setting up a karaoke system? Consider the impact of hiring sound and lighting equipment, fog and foam machines, bubble machines, a dance floor, and a mirror ball. Superior sound equipment will provide a more immersive experience for your guests, while professional lighting can dramatically transform the ambiance of your venue. A fog machine can add a touch of mystery or magic, while a foam or bubble machine can provide a playful and fun atmosphere. A dance floor is crucial for encouraging your guests to get up and move, and a mirror ball, the classic party accessory, adds a retro touch and keeps the light moving around the room. By hiring these items, your event can be elevated to a new level of excitement and engagement.

Mobile Bar HireMobile-Bar-Hire

Transitioning seamlessly from entertainment to refreshments, one should consider the superior convenience and style of a Mobile Bar Hire. It offers a comprehensive package that includes not just a bar, but also elements that create the perfect party atmosphere, such as sound and optional ice machines, even keg dispensers are available on request. A mobile bar is an ideal solution for various events, from private parties to bachelor parties and corporate functions. The advantage of this all-inclusive service is that it alleviates the stress of organizing refreshments, providing a professional and stylish alternative to traditional bar setups. Enquire about a Mobile Bar Hire today, and elevate your event with this innovative and practical party hire option.

Beer Draught Dispenser Hire – Beer Tap HireBeer-Tap-Hire

Adding a unique touch to your event, the Beer Draught Dispenser Hire – Beer Tap Hire option offers an impressive setup with dual tap connections, allowing hosts to serve two different types of draught beers or ciders simultaneously. Crafted from resilient stainless steel, these dispensers provide reliable, efficient service even during high-demand periods. Further enhancing their functionality, they can be fully integrated with our mobile bars, creating a comprehensive beer and cider bar for your gathering. Whether you’re catering to beer connoisseurs or planning a beer-themed event, this hire option ensures a smooth, uninterrupted flow of your selected brews. With our help, your next rental is set to impress guests with its professional-grade beer dispensing system. Choose draught beer dispenser hire for a standout party experience.

Dartboard HireDartboard-Hire

For a more interactive element at your event, consider the option of hiring a dartboard, complete with 6 darts and a dartboard cabinet featuring a built-in scoreboard. The dartboard rental provides an engaging activity that caters to both adults and children, promoting friendly competition and inclusivity. It’s not just about the game, the dartboard cabinet also adds aesthetic value, giving your event a unique and sophisticated touch. The built-in scoreboard provides an easy tracking system for the score, allowing participants to focus on the fun. This hire option ensures that everything you need for a successful darts game is provided, leaving you free to enjoy your event without the hassles of setup and storage. Embrace the fun and interactive option of dartboard hire for your next party.

Slush Puppy HireSlush-Puppy-Hire

Building on the interactive elements of your event, a Slush Puppy machine rental can offer an exciting and refreshing beverage solution. The rental includes 50 cups, straws, and two 5-liter Slush Puppy syrups, providing a perfect blend of convenience and variety. Guests can choose from a wide array of flavours like Strawberry, Bubble-gum, Cream Soda, Black Currant, Grape, Orange, Blueberry, and Cherry. Each flavour delivers a burst of icy delight that can be a hit, especially during warm weather. The machine is user-friendly, ensuring that your guests can easily serve themselves. Offering a Slush Puppy station in your party demonstrates a thoughtful and fun approach to event planning, ensuring a memorable and refreshing experience for your attendees.

Cappuccino Machine HireCappuccino-Machine-Hire

Why not consider the rental of a high-quality, self-automated Cappuccino Machine for your next event? This top-tier machine is not only capable of creating a delectably creamy cappuccino, but it can also serve espresso, hot chocolate, and various forms of coffee – black, white, strong or otherwise. With additional settings to modify sugar and milk content, it caters to all tastes. The machine is accompanied by a 1kg bag of top-quality coffee beans, sufficient to prepare up to 160 cups. This ensures your guests will be caffeinated and content throughout your event. Renting a Cappuccino Machine not only adds a touch of sophistication to your party but also provides a comforting, delightful beverage experience for your guests.

Pizza Oven HirePizza-Oven-Hire

Looking for a unique catering solution for your next event? Consider hiring a Pizza Oven, a fantastic option that allows you to serve freshly baked, piping hot pizzas right out of a traditional wood-fired oven. Our hire package includes all the essential tools for a perfect pizza making experience – a bag of wood, a firelighter, a pizza scoop, and a stainless steel table on wheels for easy mobility. The oven is capable of preparing three medium-sized pizzas simultaneously, which should be ready in about 10 to 15 minutes. With the red hot wood placed along the oven’s edges, the pizzas are cooked evenly, giving them a delicious, authentic taste. Elevate your party with this exciting, hands-on culinary experience.

Patio Set HirePatio-Set-Hire

For an outdoor event, hiring a modern Patio Set can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal and comfort of your venue. The furniture set includes a complete setup, providing versatility to accommodate varying guest numbers. This modern style outside furniture set comprises of a three-seater, a two-seater, and a single-seater, accompanied by a middle table, creating a comfortable and stylish setting.

The versatility of this set caters to various event types, be it casual gatherings or formal celebrations. The layout can be easily adjusted to suit your event’s theme or mood. Hiring a Patio Set not only offers convenience but also adds an elegant touch to your party decor. So, elevate your next outdoor event by hiring your very own Patio Set today.


In conclusion, the varied options for party hire greatly enhance the experience, transforming a simple gathering into a memorable occasion. From the relaxation of the Jacuzzi to the competitiveness at the pool table, each item adds a unique element. The availability of such items for hire encourages creativity and individuality in event planning. The diverse range of options supports the notion that the success of any party lies in the details, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

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