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Party Theme Ideas

Party Theme Ideas

 Bring your Party to life!

Event and Theme Ideas

Cereal box characters Party Theme

Think Snap, Crackle and Pop, Tony the Tiger, Coco The Monkey, The Lucky Charms Leprechaun etc.

Party Theme

Guest must come dressed as a particular decade.

Tequila Mockingbird Party Theme

Decorate your place like something out of the Deep South circa the Depression Era and make sure there’s A LOT of tequila or take the literary reference further and get everyone to come as their favourite literary hero.

An old people’s home Party Theme

From nurses to zimmer frames, make sure you drop fake teeth in cocktail glasses (the Haribo kind obviously).

Hippies vs Hipsters 
Party Theme

Choose your tribe, and then the hippies peace out whilst the hipsters trendy geek out.

A recession dressin’ 
Party Theme

You can only wear an outfit that costs a total of R50.

Rubik’s Cube 
Party Theme

Turn up wearing different coloured clothing, then swap with people and leave wearing one colour.

Come as you were 
Party Theme

Everyone dresses as they would have in school, from goth to rugby player to awkward teen in a Nirvana t-shirt.

Party Theme

This is to celebrate Marty’s birthday. Make him a cake, get him balloons and a sign. Bring him gifts. The twist? Nobody knows who or where Marty is.

Seven deadly sins Party Theme

Each room of the house is dedicated to one sin: gamble in the greed room, snacks in the gluttony room, low lighting and a kissing booth in the lust room etc.

Blanket fort sleepover Party Theme

You can prep the house by creating amazing old school forts and everyone comes in their slumber gear.

Anything but cups Party Theme

Everyone bring a non cup to drink out of (e.g. dog bowl, old scuba helm, cone, leather bag).

Fresh Prince Party Theme

Everything in the style of Fresh Prince of Bel-air, come as your favourite character with 90s track suits, neon caps and Carlton jumpers.

Bad family portraits 
Party Theme

Guests have to match their outfits beforehand so they resemble something out out awkward family photos. Make sure you’ve got a camera!

Graffiti Party Theme

Guests wear a plain white shirt and they each bring a fabric marker. Then people can write things on each other’s shirts.

Dungeons and Drag Queens Party Theme

Lots of gender bending, tinsel, prison guards and a karaoke machine.

Dress as your favorite alcoholic drink’s typical drinker Party Theme

If it’s a Cosmopolitan think Carrie from Sex and the City, if it’s Jack Daniels think biker or rugged country western singer.

Pokemon Party Theme

Magikarp – I choose you!

Wear what you feel Party Theme

Feeling sad – wear black. Feeling like a big bundle of love, wear something red and fluffy. Exhausted? Come in your onesie.

Barbarians and librarians Party Theme



Wizard Party Theme

Rules of a Wizard party: every time you finish a beer you tape it to the rest of your finished beers, thus creating a staff (of beer cans of course!). The bigger your staff the higher class of wizard you are. You can also have staff duels which are basically sword fights. If your staff breaks it becomes as small as the half in your hand and you have to continue from that point.

John Hughes themed Party Theme

Will you be Pretty in Pink or a disgruntled member of the Breakfast Club?

Awkward Party Theme

Bottoms are casual, tops are formal. Everyone drinks cheap beer. No one knows each other.

Beauty and the Geek Party Theme

Based on the reality TV show, guests can come as either or combine for an Ugly Betty type look. If you want to go all out, create your own game show questions like in the reality tv series.

Turtle-necks & tequila Party Theme

Free entry if you bring tequila and wear appropriate attire: a turtle-neck.

Tetris Party Theme

Everyone comes dressed as a shape and you spend the night re-arranging in different configurations.

Food fight Party Theme

Best done outdoors.

Mythical creatures Party Theme

Get people to steer away from Twilight – bonus points for centaurs, fawns and Medusa’s.

Murder mystery dinner/party Theme

You can get pre-made murder mystery packs on-line and divide your guests into characters.`

Silly hats only Party Theme

No admittance without one.

Hawaiian shirt Party Theme

Same as above.

Charity shop Party Theme

Guest’s outfits must be sourced from a charity shop.

The fashion of the Christ Party Theme

Everyone dresses as biblical characters.

The stop-light Party Theme

Wear red if you’re taken, yellow if you’re getting to know someone but it’s not serious yet, green if you’re single.

Classy vs. trashy Party Theme

Suit jackets vs. fishnets.

Mad Men Party Theme

The males will appear 100 times more attractive in Don Draper suits.

90s Party Theme

Guests must have snap bracelets, butterfly clips and yo-yos.

Girlband/ boyband Party Theme

From All Saints to East 17, make sure you’ve got a relevant playlist.

Round the world Party Theme

You are given a passport when you enter, each room is a different country with that country’s famous drink/shot and snacks.

The Communist Party Theme

Wear moustaches, big coats, accents, etc. Red Army Choir album on in the background. Drinks are vodka and beer. Potatoes and bread to eat. Propaganda posters and USSR flags all over the walls.

Surprise the pizza delivery guy Party Theme

Throw a surprise party for the pizza delivery guy. Make signs, banners and get some spray-able silly string and then order pizza. When the guy delivers the pizza yell “surprise”. Repeat a few times with different companies.

Powerpoint Party Theme

Everyone has to come prepared with a presentation and some visuals.

YOUR MUM Party Theme

Come dressed as your mum.

Future Party Theme

Dress up as something from the future, encouraging out-of-the-box future rather than robots and spacemen.

Mobsters and lobsters Party Theme

Guests will be divided into two camps, members of the Mafia or creatures of the sea.

Nuclear waste Party Theme

Line the walls with black plastic. Replace every light with black lights. Spray the walls down with detergent which glows so it looks like radio active goo.

A funk Party Theme

There’s something incredible about a basement packed with people in platform shoes, moustaches, and big collars all grooving to We Want the Funk.

Natural disaster themed Party Theme

Mudslide jungle juice, hurricane cocktails, fireball whiskey. You also have to dress as if you were in a natural disaster (ripped clothes, broken umbrella, hair that looks like you’ve been through a tornado).

Stereotype Party Theme

The idea is to go as a stereotype, guests can dress up as a stereotypical image of a certain nationality,or group of people.

Salem witch trials Party Theme

Someone in their invite will get notified they’re the witch, will your guests find out? Costume: think The Crucible style village outfits rather than green hair and warts.

70s porno Party Theme

Make sure guests come with their own unique porno name, or assign them in your invites.

Tin foil hat Party Theme

Hats will be made at the party, make sure you have enough foil.

Walk of shame Party Theme

Whatever guests will wear the morning after, make sure they wear it to the party. Bed-hair and crinkly shirts are a must.

Tom Cruise Party Theme

Will you go Risky Business or Mission Impossible?

Time traveller’s ball Party Theme

Tell everyone they can dress up as one of two things; either a period specific costume that epitomises the era, so Victorian clothes, future fashion, 60’s mini-dresses or you dress as a ‘time traveller’; this can be a Doctor Who type, or another time traveller from another show/movie, or one of your own design.

T-Rex Party Theme

Tape your elbows to your sides and pinkies to your thumbs and try to drink out of a plastic cup.

The Berlin Wall Party Theme

The party needs to be in a venue that can be divided into two sections. One section is “”the West”” and the other is “”the East””. In the West, everybody can dress how they like and bring their own alcohol – whatever they fancy. However, no sharing of alcohol is permitted and no communal alcohol is provided. Everyone has to rely on their own supplies.

In the East, everybody wears the same grey tracksuits and a single brand of cheap beer is provided. People may not bring their own drinks. If anyone complains about the beer, they get removed from the party and locked in a closet for 20 minutes.

The party continues like this for a few hours, after which the “wall” is torn down – East and West merge and everybody parties together

Dictator disco Party Theme

This one may offend some guests…

Party animal Party Theme

Come as someone who parties hard: Hugh Hefner, Paris Hilton, your house mate etc.

Blackout Party Theme

Remove all the light bulbs from the house and everybody brings a flash-light.

David Bowie Party Theme

Everyone dresses like different iterations of Bowie and of course play his music.

Meme Party Theme

Scumbag steve, Nyan cat, paranoid parrot – scavenge through our World Weird Web section for inspiration.

Potato Party Theme

Lots of carb-tastic snacks, people dressed in sacks, guests dressed as Irish people. Get baked, get mashed…

A moustache themed Party

With games like “guess that moustache” (of celebrities/historical figures) and pin the moustache on a face.

Dress as your house mate Party Theme

Raid their cupboard.

I shouldn’t be here Party Theme

Dress as you were supposed to do anything BUT be at a party, e.g. scuba gear, your nightie etc…

Zombie prom night Party Theme

Zombie prom king and queen shall be crowned, if they haven’t eaten everyone.

Game of Thrones vs. The Walking Dead Party Theme

Or any other two television series that divide your friend group.

What you were wearing when the police raided the brothel Party Theme

Half-naked priests, business suits and latex outfits combined and of course a dude on a dog leash.

Eighties aerobics Party Theme

Sweat it out!

London tube Party Theme

You have to come inspired by a London Underground station, Cockfosters will produce some interesting results.

Daily Mail themed Party Theme

Come as a WAG, a benefits fraud or something that gives you cancer.

Black tie and board shorts Party Theme

Black tie from the waist up and beachwear from the waist down.

Apocalypse themed Party

Everyone dresses up using their interpretation of the end of the world.

Hipster or homeless? Party Theme

People dress up as either one and write what they are on a piece of paper and put it in their pocket. You spend the night guessing.

Twisted Disney Party Theme

Disney heroes with a sinister twist, Ariel becomes an evil sea serpent, John Smith a mass murdering colonialist etc.

What would you do for a ticket? Party ThemeEveryone who attends gets a bunch of tickets. Throughout the night, they use the tickets to “pay” people to do various things. People can agree, decline, or ask for more tickets for the task. At the end of the night, the person with the most tickets wins a prize.

Ugly sweaters Party Theme

Reindeer prints, 70s colour patterns and various shades of wool you’d find in your grandma’s carpet.

Dead celebrities Party Theme

 Any famous people that are deceased.

Yacht club social Party Theme

Lots of white and deckers and make sure you have plenty of champers to go around!

Punks and goths Party Theme

Unleash your teenage angst!

Quentin Tarantino Party Theme

From Reservoir Dogs to Django, there’s a lot of costume scope here and don’t forget a Tarantino playlist.

Space disco Party Theme

Futuristic tracks, glow-sticks and space boots.

Double denim Party Theme

A fashion faux-pas now becomes your entry ticket.

The job you’ll never have Party Theme

If you’re an English student come as a plastic surgeon, if you’re a dancer come as a race car driver etc.

Call me maybe Party Theme

Everyone simply wears a white shirt with their phone number on it. Have a good time and see if you get some calls.

Sesame Street Party Theme

Big Bird should probably be the host.

Dress as a bad dream Party Theme

Speaking of Surreal, take inspiration from Dali who hosted this nightmarish party theme.

Jacuzzi Party

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